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You Otter Be in an Otter Suit!


Custom Wetsuits

Our custom suits are individually handcrafted to 60 of your measurements. We make a pattern from scratch, cut the suit out of you choice of colors, and glue the suit together. The seams are sewn on both sides for durability, taped on the inside stress points, and guaranteed for the life of the suit. Included are heavy duty kneepads, the appropriate hood, and a pair of lycra sox for ease of donning the suit. A custom suit is delivered within six weeks. See our wetsuit page for options. With our measurement video, we can make custom suits remotely, or do alterations to your existing suit. Contact us for more information. We accept cash, checks, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and PayPal. NOTE: We are at our new location, 201 Hoffman Avenue, # 1, on the corner of Hoffman and Foam. **All Otter Bay suits & hoods have our logo, NO EXCEPTIONS!**

Price: Up to $700.00



Mermaid Wetsuits

Our custom mermaid wetsuits are made with a vertical back entry zipper. The fin section is custom built to the customers' mono fin. Some have taken two regular fins and connected them with a little bit of weight to reduce the buoyancy. The fins are donned after the suit, with a velcro opening at the bottom edge of the tail. The mono fin tail results in fast underwater movement. Our mermaid suits have been made in a variety of thickness, color, & size. See our mermaid section at and check out the video "mermaids love sharks" on youtube

Price: $550 & up



Neoprene Drysuits

Due to difficulties in getting appropriate materials and the length of time it takes to get the parts needed, we are no longer manufacturing custom drysuits. We will continue to replace seals, test, and service drysuits as we can. Alterations on most existing 6.5mm neoprene drysuits are also still offered.




Student Lottery Winner

Our lottery benefits our local marine biology students. Amber's suit is a combination of 10mm, 6.5mm and 3mm.



The remote suit

The "remote suit" offers the opportunity to get a custom suit from afar. We have made a video of our pattern maker measuring a customer with detailed instructions on how to properly take the measurements. The person measuring you can go through the video at his/her own pace, making sure the measurements are taken carefully. Keep in mind, however, that the fit of the suit is not guaranteed perfect. We will make the suit as close to proper fit as we can without seeing you ourselves. To view this video, you may go to If you prefer, we can send you a DVD copy for a $20.00 deposit, which will be deducted from the cost of the suit once ordered. This video can also be used for alterations to wetsuits and neoprene drysuits.

Price: Up to $700.00






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