Local Student Suit Giveaway


Every year, we are excited to give away a custom suit to one of our local marine science students. The Monterey/Santa Cruz area has eight facilities in which students learn about our oceans and their biologies. Many focus a specific subject, whether it be kelp, reefs, or a particular type of fish/animal.

As students begin their semester in the fall, we will send out a letter to the instructors and diving safety officers. They take a couple of months to look at their class carefully and determine who their best deserving student would be.

The students then fill out an application, telling us about what they are studying and what their goals are in the marine science field. The difficulty is finding a single student to give a suit to. They are all so deserving, we’d love to give more than one away.

In November 2016, we began a GoFundMe campaign to raise money benefiting more of these students. For every $600 raised, another student will receive a suit. With that, we will be able to continue the giveaway program throughout the year, and not just in the beginning of the school year.

As the program continues, we would like to extend the giveaway throughout the state, and possibly through Oregon and Washington.

If you are interested in contributing, you may do so at https://www.gofundme.com/marine-student-wetsuit-giveaway  Any amount small or big will be greatly appreciated.

Student Giveaway winner 2015

Studies at Hopkins Marine Station include invertebrate surveys of grazer species & giant kelp.

Future goals are to continue with effects of climate change & the current marine system of the California Coast.

Student Giveaway winner 2014

Studies at Moss Landing Marine Labs Sea star wasting disease and it’s impact.

Future: To continue research on sea stars and other’s impacted by diseases.

Student Giveaway winner 2010

UC Santa Cruz student studying marine biology & ecology.

Recently won the most prestigious award given annually to volunteers at the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

Student Giveaway winner 2012

Studies at Hopkins Marine Station: Marine Community  Ecology and conservation.

Future goals: To work with non-profit organizations involved in scientific conservation.

Student Giveaway winner 2006

Studies at Moss Landing Marine Labs include subtidal ecology and sharks.

Future: To teach marine sciences at Moss Landing Marine Lab.

Student Giveaway winner 2005

Student & TA at CSUMonterey Bay

Plans were to focus on Maintaining the oceans health and resources.

Student Giveaway winner 2003

Student at UC Santa Cruz Long Marine Lab

Interests include marine biology and anthropology.