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The owner of Otter Bay Wetsuits has been making custom wetsuits and drysuits with her grandparents since 1988. When they retired, Cricket followed in their footsteps and opened a shop of her own.

Cricket continues to produce the best possible products, as she has been well trained to do. Otter Bay Wetsuits offers the best service and selection of materials, earning their reputation for providing the finest quality available throughout the Monterey Peninsula and beyond.

Avoid the middleman - order direct from the manufacturer. Our suits are individually hand-crafted, one by one. With patterns made from scratch and the fit guaranteed (with some restrictions), we work with you to try and meet your comfort needs.

We offer a wide variety of suits for all water sports. Whether it is warm water or cold water.

We also offer repairs and alterations, within reason, to most suits on the market. Call for a quote, keeping in mind that we cannot guarantee a definite price until we physically can see the suit.

We are happy to serve as a source of information for anyone with special projects. Whether it be with referrals or materials, or prototyping. For those of you who need prototyping, we will meet with you after hours, so you have our undivided attention and time. We will construct what you need while you are here and send you off with product in hand.


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