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Custom Boots

Our custom boots are popular among divers who have difficulty finding boots to fit comfortably. Also, our boots are warmer than any found on the shelf, being that they are custom fit to your feet and have no zippers. They have simple flat soles that work well with your standard fins. For really cold feet, we make 12mm boots.

Price: up to $90.00



The remote suit

The "remote suit" offers the opportunity to get a custom suit from afar. We have made a video of our pattern maker measuring a customer with detailed instructions on how to properly take the measurements. The person measuring you can go through the video at his/her own pace, making sure the measurements are taken carefully. Keep in mind, however, that the fit of the suit is not guaranteed perfect. We will make the suit as close to proper fit as we can without seeing you ourselves. To view this video, you may go to If you prefer, we can send you a DVD copy for a $20.00 deposit, which will be deducted from the cost of the suit once ordered. This video can also be used for alterations to wetsuits and neoprene drysuits.

Price: Up to $700.00



Custom Hoods

We offer 3 styles of hoods to meet your needs. 1. The cold water wetsuit hood works well with an open collared jacket or full suit. We have redesigned the pattern so there is no longer a seam around the neck. For wetsuits, the neck & flange are 6.5mm, for drysuits with a warm neck collar, the neck & flange are 3mm skin in 2. The std seal hood is made to wear with a seal neck jacket or a drysuit. Check out our 6.5mm and 12mm drysuit hoods. 3. Surf hood and a swim cap. We have a variety of thicknesses to suit your needs. **All Otter Bay hoods have our logo. NO EXCEPTIONS!!**

Price: up to $95



Dog Suits

Our 3mm custom dog suits are popular with duck hunters and cold water snorkel dogs. Many duck hunting dogs tend to break ice, producing undue stress to the dog's life. The suit is in the form of a body length vest covering the chest and belly, leaving the rear end open for nature's calls. A zipper down the back provides for easy dressing.

Price: 85.00-125.00



Full Wetsuit

Our full suits serve a number of purposes. Cold water divers who do not get as cold as other benefit from this style of suit. You have the option of just wearing that single layer or getting a vest to wear over the suit on the occasion that you do get cold. This also lets you dive in more that one climate and is a favorite amongst our travelers.

Price: 450.00




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